Causes of poor erection

Causes of poor erection


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Causes of poor erection

Causes of poor erection

Every man wants to have a great erection. But there comes a time when problems can appear. Before starting to panic, you need to understand the reasons.

Among the subjective factors of the usual way of life, the following can be distinguished cialis generic cost:

improper nutrition. This is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Unhealthy and low-quality food buy kamagra 100mg online (foods high in cholesterol, fast food, sweet carbonated drinks, etc.), as well as a lack of vitamins and minerals in a man’s body, lead to chronic diseases;

alcohol uk kamagra abuse and smoking. Nicotine and alcohol poisons and their decay products have the strongest negative impact on the level of erection;

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physical inactivity. With a sedentary lifestyle, stagnation of blood in the does-boots-sell-viagra Pelvic organs is formed. This interferes with the blood supply to the genitals, and makes it difficult to erect;

lack of rational physical activity. Sports, especially in the fresh air, stimulate blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on general health and a strong erection what is kamagra 100mg oral jelly used for in particular;

irregular intimate contacts. Prolonged abstinence of a man from sex does not contribute to recovery. To be in good shape, an erection must be trained. And not from time to time, but with stable regularity.

Insufficient erection. Steps to recovery

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In order to start the correct restoration of erection cialis and levitra together levitra pills for the treatment of problems with potency, you need to know why the dysfunction appeared. An andrologist will help determine the exact cause. You need to get tested and get tested. The doctor will select an individual complex therapy. In the absence of physiological diseases, it makes sense to consult a psychologist. In addition to medical care, you should reconsider your own lifestyle.

measures does tadalafil require a prescription to eliminate erectile dysfunction, Regardless of its etiology, include:

diet change Eliminate or at least limit the consumption of unhealthy foods and fried foods. Give preference to such methods sildenafil 100mg of culinary processing as stewing, boiling, baking. Pay more attention to vegetables, fruits and cereals. Do not abuse salt and salty foods;

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